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Accepting an award at ‘Spike TV’s “SCREAM awards 2011” - Universal Studios 

❝So strong, I love how strong she is.. and that can be sexy too. We’re so used to - if a girl is gonna be ‘sexy’ - y’know especially in a movie, she has to look like weak and submissive, or y’know like her feet are bound or whatever. And um Annie in this movie has taken this character and shown how a really strong woman is, is so sexy.❞
-JGL on Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises. 

(Source: fuckyeahregularjoe)

'Joe is in a class by himself as an actor and a person; his talent and intelligence are limitless, his approach to acting thorough, refined and it's as flawless as his taste. And - the thing he has going on as plain old regular Joe is pretty cool and inspiring, you should check out hitrecord.org - his organisation - it’ll change you, it has me.’ 

   - Anne Hathaway presenting Joseph Gordon-Levitt with his ‘Breakthrough Actor’ Hollywood film award.